Clearly we’re not the only ones impressed by Tokyo band World Order’s fantastic new video ‘Welcome to Tokyo’ featuring immaculately clad ‘businessmen’ doing slo-mo routines. World Order was founded by Genki Sudo, a flamboyant martial arts and kickboxing champion who retired and subsequently founded (in the words of his website) “an all-out sound project ” where he corals his “enthusiasm to express his fighting as an exquisite entertainment”.

Somehow this video evokes something of the contradiction of Tokyo society – onĀ  the one hand conformist and constrained, on the other, anything could happen. In any case, this one of the most interesting Japanese hybrid groups we’ve heard of since GYOKO, a metal band founded by a group of Tokyo fishmongers who punctuate performances by hurling pieces of perfectly prepared sashimi into the audience. We provide two videos at the opposite end of the popularity spectrum for your exquisite entertainment.