Located in a former bacon smokehouse in Clerkenwell, St John has become a British institution – serving all sorts of meat and offal (think pig’s ears, bone marrow, duck’s hearts and other niceties) that reflect their philosophy of  ‘nose to tail eating’.

But the faint-hearted shouldn’t worry, there’s plenty of more standard cuts of  meats, fish and poultry on the menu. Despite possessing a Michelin star and being regularly listed among the World’s Top 50 restaurants, St John is very much a casual-dining affair, with white walls (butcher-like), wooden tables and relaxed staff. The service is attentive, the food, excellent. You can also snack on smaller plates over a nice French wine at the bar – and don’t forget to collect a loaf of bread to take home!

26 St. John Street
London EC1M 4AY