For some visitors the main advantage of Amsterdam is to smoke some spliff as you would, say, enjoy a glass of wine, that is to say in a legal and civilised fashion. We don’t claim any expertise in this area but if you would like to smoke in a pleasant environment you may wish to pay a visit¬† Tweede Kamer, a small old-fashioned coffee shop with elegant wallpaper (6 Heisteeg, Amsterdam, Tel +31¬† 204 22 22 36).

Wherever you choose to indulge we would point out that it is in such a frame of mind that one might undertake a visit to the Katten Kabinet, a small museum dedicated to cats… keeping in mind that we do not recommend the Katten Kabinet in any other circumstances.

Katten Kabinet
Herengracht 497
1017 BT Amsterdam
Tel: 020-6269040

Opening Hours
Mon -Fri 10am-4pm hour; Sat & Sun: 12pm-5pm.