Lil Buck at Fondation Louis Vuitton

LA-based street dancer Lil Buck dances through the Fondation Louis Vuitton, giving us a beautiful, eerie and alternative tour of the building and its main art collection. A short Nowness film by Andrew Margetson where art, dance and film collide. You can find out more about the Fondation here.

Books, films, music, art and big ideas to get you into the Paris headspace...

Les Berges

As one of the world’s most popular tourist destination (around 29 million visitors per year) Paris is one city that can afford to rest on its laurels – only it doesn’t. Since 2001 Paris socialist Mayor  Bertrand Delanoë (since succeded by his deputy Anne Hidalgo in 2014) have pursued an …

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Street Food by Yannig Samot

Paris is known for its grand restaurants, great chefs and Michelin Stars. But some of the best food is the most simplest. In this decided cool foodie tome Yannig Samot documents the slow – but sure – diversification of the Paris food scene. It includes a mix of recipes and …

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It’s 1968 and at the student riots in Paris, the cry is “Under the pavement, the beach!” The lawless antics of Bonnie and Clyde strike a chord with a revolutionary wave of youthful rebellion… This film clip of the duet by Serge Gainsbourg & siren Bridget Bardot captures a sexy, restless …

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Je Kif Electro

Spanish-born, Paris-based choreographer Blanca Li has worked with some of the biggest names in the music world for video clips and promos – Daft Punk, Beyonce, Gold Frapp and Kayne West – for starters. Electro Kif is her own production featuring Parisian dancers recruited largely from local electro dance competitions …

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Caché (Hidden) by Michael Haneke

Set amid the boho milleu of middle-class intellectuals in Paris, Michael Haneke’s unsettling film, Hidden, raises issues of hypocrisy and personal responsibility in conflicts and circumstances that are largely, but not entirely, beyond our control. Touching on the thorny and painful tensions between France and the former colony, Algeria, it …

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Double Game by Sophie Calle

Parisian artist Sophie Calle is probably the only person to have slept at the top of the Eiffel Tower. Or rather not. For her work Room with a View she set up a bed on the Eiffel Tower and invited people to come and tell her stories to stop her …

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La Haine: Three Reasons to Watch

This day in the life of three disenfranchised French youth of mixed origins  – Jewish, Arabic and Black – exposed the banlieues  the outer-city housing estates bordering Paris, to the the wider world …

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Graff collective

When it comes to the French graffiti scene there are two names that come to mind: Blek le Rat and JR. However, should you find yourself walking around the Paris suburb of Belleville keep an eye out for the winsome wildlife-inspired stencil art by Mosko art collective.

Grand Corps Malade

Grand Corps Malade (‘Big Sick Body’) is a French spoken word artist who fills stadiums. Known for his witty and inventive play on words he creates snapshots of life in and around Paris. Je Viens De Là (‘I come from there’) is a sort of love letter to his cité …

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I Love You by Mathieu Boogaerts

Mathieu Boogaerts, may not have reached the same level of popularity as his friend and fellow musician ‘M’ but we find his particular take on French chanson – charming, quirky, awkward – to be extremely endearing. Keep an eye out for a new album.

Have Mercy on Us All by Fred Vargas

Archeologist turned detective writer, Fred Vargas, is one of our all time favourite writers. Have Mercy on Us deals with familiar themes of media-drive crowd hysteria in an unusual context – fear of the plague in Paris – in a sort of precursor to recent health panics (avian flu etc) …

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