Everything you need for a kicking day or two in Marseille...


1. Coogee

For those of us who like to start the day with a decent coffee, head to Coogee, Marseille.  Named after the Sydney seaside suburb this small, laid-back cafe takes inspiration from the eponymous coffee scene which is good news for latte lovers. Not the most typical Marseillaise-affaire we agree, but once coffee is …

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A. 100 boulevard Baille
Marseille 13005


2. Vieux Port & Le Panier

Le Vieux-Port (the Old Port) has always been the heart of Marseille, it’s the iconic gathering spot where les Marseillais come to celebrate a football victory (rarely) or march against the government (often). The good news is that it’s just been turned into a pedestrian-friendly, car free zone – with …

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B. Rue du Panier
13002 Marseille


3. MuCem

The first museum dedicated to Mediterranean cultures was inaugurated as part of the MP 2013 City of Culture program in Marseille. The multiple exhibition spaces celebrate all the cultures bound by the sea, from Gibraltar to Beirouth but it’s the building, and its jaw-dropping location, overlooking the sea and on …

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C. MuCem
1 Esplanade du J4
13002 Marseille
Tel: +33 4 84 35 13 13


4. La Friche

Once an old tobacco factory, La Friche has been transformed into a multi-activity art space including a spectacular art gallery with five floors of exhibition space and dozens of art residencies. But it also has a skate park, a cinema, a weekly farmer’s market, a cafe/restaurant and a…kids playground, keeping …

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D. 41 Rue Jobin, 13003 Marseille


5. Les Calanques

One of the most spectacular natural landscapes in the South of France, Les Calanques are a series of white limestone cliffs diving in the turquoise blue waters – a mediterranean fjord if you like – stretching over 20kms between Marseille to Cassis. Accessible by boat, they can also be explored …

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E. Route du Feu de la Calanque de Sormiou
+33 4 91 25 05 37


6. Le Corbusier’s Radiant City

Architecture lovers will spend hours exploring Le Corbusier’s Cite Radieuse – getting lost in its labyrinth of corridors with splashes of red, green & yellow doors, sci-fi lifts and concrete  rooftop, photographing  every detail of this modernist icon. If you want to see the state this place can put you …

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F. 280 Boulevard Michelet, 13008 Marseille,


7. Kulte shopping

If you would like to bring some of that Marseille poise back home, try shopping Made in Marseille.  Head to Kulte Rive Droite, which sells retro-inspired street wear with an on-site cafe, Cafe Kulte; and to Sessùn, the dreamy fashion label that’s taking over the world.

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G. Kulte Rive Droite
8 rue de la loge
13002 Marseille

6 rue Sainte
13001 Marseille


8. Four des Navettes

Try local specialty ‘la navette’ – a delicious orange-blossom flavoured biscuit in the shape of a boat, which was invented in this bakery 20o years ago to feed the pilgrims on their way to L’Abbaye Saint Victor nearby. A bit of an institution and the oldest bakery in town, Le …

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H. 136 Rue Sainte 13007 Marseille


9. Sunset at La Caravelle

One of the most atmospheric places to have a drink in Marseille, this little olde worlde wine bar is on the first floor of the aptly name ‘Belle Vue Hotel’… and the view on the Vieux Port is… ahem, beautiful.  No false advertising there. There is a little balcony for …

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I. 34 Quai du Port, 13002 Marseille
+33 4 91 90 36 64


10. Eat a Bouillabaisse

The trademark dish of Marseille was traditionally a fisherman’s stew readily compiled from the catch of the day. Sadly (ironically!) the dish has morphed into something of a luxury dish and it’s become impossible to get an affordable, good bouillabaisse in Marseille. There’s a lot of argy-bargy about which place …

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11. Digestive Stroll: La Corniche

There’s no better way to walk off a bouillabaisse than a walk along La Corniche. Named for the US President JFK this winding avenue offers spectacular views of the sea. If you’re super keen this would be the best place in Marseille for an early morning or sunset jog …

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K. Corniche du Président John F Kennedy, Marseille


12. Bar Clandestin: Carry Nation

Named after Carry Nation (portrayed right), a colorful member of the American temperance league who was known to attack bars and taverns with a hatchet….Thankfully today Carry Nation is Marseille’s best place for cocktails – and a self-proclaimed ‘clandestin bar’: everything from the decor to the drink list is a …

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L. Carry Nation
Tel: +33 6 46 45 34 86