Two hip addresses for a great NYC lunch that won’t break the bank… In Nolita, Cafe Gitane remains effortlessly cool in the way that only a French joint a la NYC can be. Frequented by hipsterish sorts –  Russian models, artists and other freelance coffee drinking types – the French/Moroccan menu is short, the coffee is good and the prices are acceptable to underemployed creatives. From here you could stroll/window shop in Bleeker St or pop into the New Museum.

Nolita: We stumbled upon The Butcher’s Daughter cafe in that particular state of delirium that  takes hold after a manic week in NYC. Generally speaking the idea of a place specialising in juice and salad…well, let’s just say it fails to spark the necessary excitement. But an hour of sitting in their sunny window where we downed a pitcher of magical heirloom juice and a generous plate of kale salad singing with every vitamin known to humankind (and some that haven’t even been discovered yet) we emerged feeling like we’d just spent a week in de-tox. We couldn’t recommend it enough. Oh, and the cute decor is a plus! There have also opened a new one in the West Village which is equally as cheerful.

Cafe Gitane
242 Mott St
New York
Tel: +1 212 334 9552

The Butcher's Daughter
19 Kenmare Street
New York, New York 10012
Tel: (212)-219-3434

The Butcher's Daughter
West Village
581 Hudson street
NYC — 10014
Tel: (917) 388-2132