I’ve Lived in East London for 86 ½ years

If London is in a constant state of flux then the last decade has seen the East End shaken and stirred like a Molotov cocktail. What was one of the poorest areas of London has morphed into the city’s hipster heartland complete with fixed wheels, artful moustaches and 3rd Wave …

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Books, films, music, art and big ideas to get you into the London headspace...

Stunt Riders: London

If you shouldn’t try this at home, you definitely shouldn’t try this in London where the chances of being side-swiped by a red-double decker is all too real. But we LOVE this combined free runner /stunt cycling video featuring the so-called Boris Bikes. Keep your eyes peeled for London landmarks …

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Anyone who has spent time in London will recognise Craig Taylor’s Londoners. Taylor interviewed around 200 people who live, or lived, in the great metropolis – those who love it, those who hate it, those who were born there, those who chose it, those that stayed and those who ran …

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New Music: South London

A unusual blend of music performances & interviews – this cinematic portrait of South London meets native Roots Manuva on his home soil, delving into the vibrant music scene surrounding him and his corner of the Capital. Featuring breakout star Katy B, young Soul vocalist Tawiah, multitasking producer and singer-songwriter …

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Last Tuesday Society

The Last Tuesday society is a small scale cultural phenomena encompassing Viktor Wynd’s Little Shop of Horrors (featuring re-interpreted antiquities and artful naturalia) and a rather unique lecture program – recent subjects  include the Victorian Art of Hair Jewellery, the Vampires of London and a class in Anthropomorphic Mouse Taxidermy …

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Dalston Superstars

This mockumentary video series by VICE stars a painful group of self-obsessed wanna-be hipsters living in Dalston, a working class neighbourhood turned creative enclave in London’s East End. Featuring the expliots of 20-something fashion stylists slash photographers slash bloggers it originally confused viewers who couldn’t figure out if it was …

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Eat London 2

Hands-down Eat London 2 is the best guide to London eateries and foodie haunts – both big and small. It is omnivorous in its approach – it includes the chi chi, the bling bling and the painfully hip but doesn’t neglect the humble London caff and the traditional greasy spoon …

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Freewheelers: Bike Porn

With it’s tiny streets clogged with scary double-decker buses, rabid black cabs and angsty ‘white vans’, London is hardly a cyclist’s paradise and yet its hard to find a more committed group of riders. In a former life we created this video series about satorialist cyclists in London. The first …

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After nine years in London, Romanian-born photographer and web designer Tudor Prisăcariu (who designed this site) decided to walk and document the LOOP, a 245km walking path around the perimeter of Outer London …

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White Teeth by Zadie Smith

To our thinking White Teeth remains London writer Zadie Smith’s best book, capturing as it does the tragi-comic mixed bag madness that passes for modern day London. For those who have read it, you can continue with the Zadie/London theme with her recent release N-W

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Vivienne Westwood at the Tate

Shameless promo for the Tate Britain, but we still enjoy the punk-with-an-OBE, fashion designer Vivienne Westwood’s incisive commentary – and unexpected choices in paintings. (Boo to the sponsorship though.)

Wall & Piece by Banksy

AKA the world’s most famous street artist. But you know that, right? This great book documents some of Banksy’s most iconic and subversive  works both in London and further afield with art grouped by themes such as cops, rats and monkeys …

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