Lloyd Hotel

Amsterdam Hood: Docklands Genre: Hipster Price: $$

Situated in a former migrant hostel in the up-and-coming Docklands district,  the revamped Lloyd Hotel took out various accolades on its opening thanks to the combined design efforts of Claudy JongstraMarcel Wanders and Hella Jongerius and a revolutionary idea: 1-5 stars under the one roof.

The Hotel

The hotel is in big rambling building, a sort of rabbit warren of corridors and unexpected entry ways so the communal spaces – a large and welcoming mixed-use bar, restaurant and lounge area plays an important role in providing a focus for social life in the building. (Imagine the Lloyd Hotel as a labyrinth – the lounge is your ‘home’ page.) Note that the rooms vary wildly in terms of size, shape and feel; some are quite sweet some are rather utilitarian. The room with a bed that sleeps eight is allegedly one of the hotel’s most popular.

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Facade of the Loyd Hotel by Allard van der Hoek - Hotels We Love
The impressive facade of the Loyd Hotel (Photo by © Allard van der Hoek)
ellen ten dame room - Hotels We Love
Ellen ten Damme concept room at the Lloyd Hotel in Amsterdam. (Photo © Lloyd Hotel)
ellen ten dame  - Hotels We Love
Hello Dear: Lloyd Hotel''s homage room to the Dutch singer Ellen ten Damme (Photo © Lloyd Hotel)

The Neighbourhood

Situated on the docks surrounded by new developments and artistic businesses, the hotel refers to itself  a ‘cultural ambassador’ which gives you a sense of what kind of an outpost it is. Super handy if you will be working in the area and it plays host to the city’s new restaurants etc. However, it may feel a little lonely on a dark winters evening – note that a cab from the city centre costs around €20.

lloyd hotel corridor - Rob 't Hart Photography - Hotels We Love
Nice tiling in the winding corridors of the Lloyd Hotel, Amsterdam. (Image © Rob 't Hart Photography)
Lloyd Hotel, Amsterdam - Hotels We Love
Maritime ambiance around the Lloyd Hotel, Amsterdam. (Photo © Lloyd Hotel)
Lloyd Hotel, Amsterdam - Hotels We Love
Sleepy time @ the Lloyd Hotel, Amsterdam (Photo © HWL)
lloyd hotel 1 star room Christoph Seyferth - Rob 't Hart Photography - Hotels We Love
Mini me: one of the more creative one star rooms at the Lloyd Hotel, Amsterdam. (Photo © Rob 't Hart Photography)

What We Love

We do love the concept of 1-5 stars under the one roof. The idea is becoming more familiar (the Ace hotel in NYC and the Michelberger Hotel in Berlin being notable examples) but at the time it was launched it was – and remains – innovative. The social mash-up seems egalitarian and friendly, much like the Dutch themselves.  Other pluses: ease of Wi-Fi access ( a simple thing but so many hotels get this wrong) and the staff friendliness. Various events and art installations also give a sense of liveliness to this rather echoing building. While the rooms vary in size etc we appreciated that our room had loads of cupboard space – plenty of space to store clothes, coats and suitcases. We like the looks of the concept room dedicated to Dutch singer Ellen ten Damme.

Dining Room, Lloyd Hotel - Hotels We Love
The sunny dining room at the Lloyd Hotel. (Photo © HWL)

Room to Improve

The restaurant and reception appeared under staffed and some of those on the desk seemed inexperienced.  While we appreciate the difficulties of keeping a hotel with high turnover in tip-top condition, scuff marks etc are not so difficult to clean up and make a real difference to one’s overall impression. Also while we loved the free communal tea and coffee spots, somebody needs to patrol these areas throughout the day to ensure they remain spic and span (as was the one pictured here).

Lloyd Hotel, Amsterdam - Hotels We Love
Don't be alarmed, behind this door is a bathroom, not 'bad karma'. (Photo © HWL)
Kitchenette, lloyd hotel, amsterdam - Hotels We Love
Communal kitchenette at the Lloyd Hotel, Amsterdam. (Photo © HWL)


If you are likely to be in a rush to check out in the morning, settle your bill the evening before as morning staff are few in number. Building works are currently taking place on one side of the building avoid rooms with scaffolding blocking the view.

Lloyd Hotel, Amsterdam - Hotels We Love
Your ticket to ride at the Lloyd Hotel, Amsterdam. (Photo © HWL)
Lloyd Hotel, Amsterdam - Hotels We Love
Double room at the Lloyd Hotel, Amsterdam. (Photo © HWL)


Lloyd Hotel & Culturele Ambassade Oostelijke Handelskade 34 1019 BN Amsterdam


Ik moet nog zoveel leren (I’ve still much to learn) is your tear-jerker anthem to love-gone-wrong if you score the concept room devoted to Dutch songstress and actress Ellen ten Damme.