The Last Tuesday society is a small scale cultural phenomena encompassing Viktor Wynd’s Little Shop of Horrors (featuring re-interpreted antiquities and artful naturalia) and a rather unique lecture program – recent subjects  include the Victorian Art of Hair Jewellery, the Vampires of London and a class in Anthropomorphic Mouse Taxidermy. However it’s the notoriously decadent parties – invariably costumed or clothing optional – that draw in the crowds.

See their site for details of events during your stay, there’s no better way to immerse yourself in the more esoteric aspects of London’s culture. Keep in mind that London was – and is – a place that conjures up things strange and spiritual, spooky and surreal with an undercurrent of wicked sauce and naughtiness (delve into Charles Dickens or Sarah Waters if you are looking for literary evidence). If you want to explore historical trends in folk medicine, learn to have tantric sex or how to make a death mask, or discover the forgotten joys of a lantern shadow play….the Last Tuesday Society caters to all whims and interests.

Tip: If you are attending a party do go in theme and don’t hold back! In any case, this is the best way we know of to talk to otherwise reserved Londoner’s – that is, in disguise and with a drink in hand.

All Last Tuesday Society party photos by London photographer Sin Bozkurt.