When you are done with all the bear watching, snow boarding or fly fishing in Jackson Hole you’ll probably be happy to chill with something a little more mundane… like a little retail therapy?  The unlikely union of cowboy country with hipster artisanship has created a spark, the result is plenty of cool souvenirs to take home with good local credentials. Here’s our tips for the best indie shopping in Jackson Hole – and do make sure you collect a cowboy hat to wear out for a night at the rodeo.

Knives & Machetes: You don’t need to be the sharpest knife in the drawer to covet the bladed beauties at New West Knifeworks and  Mountain Man Toyshop. At the former, we fell victim to their Fusion Wood kitchen knife range. The latter pitches itself at the “Mountain Men ….who live to answer the Call of the Wild” which apparently manifests itself in a desire for knives, blades, machetes, tomahawks and axes. We would hesitate to call such lethal items ‘toys’ but then being neither male nor mountainous, what would we know? (We’ll just busy ourselves with the scissor display – so handy for embroidering Mountain Man’s handkerchiefs or if a brawl breaks out at Stitch n Bitch.) A perk is a humongous tree slab struck stuck to a wall outside the building where you can practise your machete throwing techniques, if this doesn’t please the out-of-town hipster looking for an authentic experience, nothing will.

Pig Candy: If you can bake a ham in Coca-Cola why not turn bacon into candy? At least, that seems to be the thinking behind the evil geniuses at Cafe Genevieve who have made this pig fly. You can order online or read our review of Cafe Genevieve and other Jackson Hole eateries.

Cowboy Hats: While most people in Jackson Hole seem to sport some variety of baseball cap, it’s difficult to walk into Jackson Hole Hat Co. and emerge bare-headed. Top of the range, made-to-measure beaver hats will easily set you back US$400-$600 so if you’re of the impulsive ilk, don’t even try these on (step away from the hatstand). There are however heaps of other decent options – and don’t forget to accessorize with a natty hatband.

Artsy Souvenirs: Made sources gifts sourced from local craftspeople as well as those further afield. We like the ‘Quarter Rings’ – made to measure in Jackson Hole if you like – and bracelets made from recycled cutlery from Idaho.

Interior Decoration: By now it should be obvious that any self-respecting city slicker should work a pair of antlers is into their home decoration scheme pronto.  Game Trail Gatherings will work those horns into artful sculptures, lighting devices, coffee tables and what not. Pretty and pricey.

Local Liquor:  Wyoming Whiskey isn’t easy to get hold of, so it might be wise to keep an eye on their website to see when small batches of this local bourbon whiskey are released. In summer they suggest a ‘Gold and Brown’ cocktail – Wyoming Whiskey topped with a locally made mixer from Dust Cutter. We say, it’s worth a try!