Or ‘Look Mum, No Hands!’ Following on the (w)heels of recent bike sharing schemes in Paris and London the city of New York has launched one of its own.  Bikes for sharing schemes are designed to last – sturdy and sensible but lacking in a little street cred. Except in the hands of an expert… BMX rider Tyrone Williams demonstrates how to convey that all important sense of effortless cool – even when riding a Mom bike around Williamsburg.

Like London, the bikes are sponsored by a bank because, well, we guess they’ve got money and are coincidentally in dire need of good press! ;-) (Aside: In London they have been re-dubbed ‘Boris Bikes’ after the tousle-headed Mayor who introduced the scheme, so there’s hope for an alternative moniker.)

If you have biking needs while in NYC you can check in on Tyrone’s store Dah Shop , in Chinatown. For details of bike locations and about how to use the Citi Bike scheme during your stay, see their website or download the free Citibike app.