Sultans, concubines, eunuchs, the royal harem had it all! Istanbul’s been called the Paris of the East and the New York of it’s time – it has the equivalent in blockbusters of both! So visiting the city is as exciting as it is exhausting. If we had to narrow it down the Harem would be number 2 on our hit list. Frankly we don’t have the patience – or stamina – to navigate the whole of the Topkapi Palace, so for us this little bite was enough. Enough to marvel us with its mosaics, dazzle us with its glorious ceilings and confuse us with its winding navigation. Avoid peak times because the sheer number of visitors is decidedly irksome.

Get into the spirit of your visit by watching one of Turkey’s lastest soapie hits: Magnificent Century.

Topkapı Palace
Babıhümayun Caddesi

Open 9am -7pm Apr-Oct; 9am-5pm Nov-Mar. Closed Tuesday.