With it’s tiny streets clogged with scary double-decker buses, rabid black cabs and angsty ‘white vans’, London is hardly a cyclist’s paradise and yet its hard to find a more committed group of riders. In a former life we created this video series about satorialist cyclists in London. The first features an interview with the very talented London designer Benedict Radcliffe, the second shows Tokyo street artist turned Londoner ‘Saki’ with her British Moulton bike.

The best place to spot hot London cyclists:

Broadway Market, London Fields: this is a brilliant spot for a fixie fix. Commuting hours are prime time, though we recommend Saturday morning when the street turns into a cheerful, if insanely popular, market.

Look Mum No Hands!: we’re huge fans of this friendly cycling themed cafe on Clerkenwell Rd which is a major artery for cyclists commuting from the East End into Soho. Keep your eyes out for Bromptons, the British folding bike.

The Tow Path: running from Broadway Market to the city the Tow Path is usually chockers with cyclists dashing into work (and it must be said that some of them are in a very impatient and crappy mood and will not hesitate to run you down). An ideal viewing point is the somewhat ephemeral Tow Path cafe that operates during the summer months. (Cafe contacts: Regent’s Canal towpath, Haggerston,  N1 5SB, London, between Whitmore Bridge and Kingsland Road Bridge. Generally open Mar-Nov 8am-sunset Tue-Fri; 9am-sunset weekends.)

For cycling with a consumerist bent check out Kinoko Cycles near Soho or Brick Lane Bikes in the East End.

If you are interested you can watch the rest of the Webby Honoree Freewheelers series on Vimeo.