Hands-down Eat London 2 is the best guide to London eateries and foodie haunts – both big and small. It is omnivorous in its approach – it includes the chi chi, the bling bling and the painfully hip but doesn’t neglect the humble London caff and the traditional greasy spoon. It’s exhaustive, but not exhausting.

If you are planning on being a repeat visitor to London this book is well worth the purchase price – it also makes a nice gift if you are being hosted in London. What we like: 1) First up that it contains every great place we’ve ever eaten or wanted to eat in London – the city’s reputation for expensive restaurants serving poor food is entirely undeserved as this book shows. If you don’t eat well in London, you’re looking in the wrong places. 2) Obviously Peter Prescott and Sir Conran are part of the London establishment but they are too experienced and, frankly too old, to give a damn about hype. They tell it as it is, and don’t always agree. 3) The lively and informed writing style coupled with lovely photographs by Lisa Linder, pretty maps and enticing recipes make this book what might be traditionally described as a ‘handsome volume’.

Credits: Eat London 2 by Peter Prescott & Terence Conran. Photos by Lisa Linder.