It’s hard to underestimate the effect that Noma has in transforming Copenhagen’s culinary scene. As a friendly recently quipped,  “Noma seems to be at the centre of a cottage industry of soil crumbles (on every dish) nettle garnish & dill ice creams!” This suggests that along with the good, there are also a few down-sides!

If  you can line up a reservation and have the cash and then NOMA is for you. If the above do not apply, here are our suggestions for a killer meal in the heart of New Nordic cuisine.

For those who like to count Michelin Stars, check out Geranium (they have two). Owned by Søren Ledet, former Noma sous chef, you’ll find an interesting review of Geranium with lovely pictures here on the VeryGoodFood blog.

If great food at a reasonable price is more your style, we recommend the very chic but more chilled atmosphere of the bright young sparks Marv & Ben.

Ex-restaurant manager and sommelier at Noma, Anders Selmer, has launched Fiskebar, a fashionable but relatively informal eatery specialising in fish. Located in Copenhagen’s up-and-coming meatpacking district (somewhat bizarrely beneath the original butcher’s sign) the restaurant restores rigor and dignity to the out-moded concept of a ‘seafood restaurant’. Plates are small if beautifully constructed.  Walk-ins can hope to score a table at the counter, pessimists should book ahead (as usual).

The Cofoco group are movers and shaker-up-erers on the Copenhagen foodie scene, we haven’t had a chance to eat at their most recent venture, The Italian… However, we remember how the poached chicken at Les Trois Cochons bought tears of delight to our eyes… So if you just want great food, a reasonably priced set menu, an elegant interior, candlelight and the best Godamn poached chicken EVER, book a table there.

Strandgade 93
DK-1401 Copenhagen