With Brooklyn entries such as Blanca and the Elm popping up on the city’s hot restaurant lists for NYC it seems there’s no escaping a visit to the other side… Of all the names associated with the Brooklyn food scene Frankies Spuntino is the one that pops up continuously. With two restaurants in Brooklyn, a new venture at Red Hook, the Cafe Pedlar coffee shop  in Cobble Hill and even a cook book, there’s no escaping the two Franks. Founders Frank Castronovo and Frank Falcinelli are dedicated to combining old school food craft with new school sensibilities and entrepreneurial smarts and in so doing epitomise the spirit of the Brooklyn food movement. If you can’t bring yourself to leave Manhattan, you can get a taste of the Brooklyn spirit at their Frankies Spuntino in the West Village (570 Hudson St, NYC, Tel: +1 212 924 0818) which offers excellent and reasonably priced Italian fare in a cosy atmosphere.

With Brooklyn’s food scene fast-evolving we suggest you take a look at the latest reviews on the Brooklyn Based blog. Further ideas can be gleaned from Time Out’s frequently updated and thankfully concise Top 10 Restaurant List.

Tip: if you are mooching about Brooklyn in the daytime and looking for lunch for around $10 we suggest you give Wilma Jean, an off-shoot of the former Seersucker, a try. On the menu is heart-attack inducing Americana with a hipper-than-thou Brooklyn twist. Order up a fried chicken dinner (US$14) or go the fried Bologne sandwich (US$5) that has the critics salivating. Sides include Southern-style standards such as corn bread, collard greens and grits. Address: 345 Smith Street, Brooklyn. Tel: 718-422-0444.

Frankies Spuntino
457 Court Street
Brooklyn, NY 11231
Tel: +1 718 403 0033