This is a seriously weird outing, but one that we certainly recommend. Here is the pitch: ‘The House is a time capsule. Open to the public.’ In a nutshell, the late Californian-born Dennis Sever, the house’s owner, recreated the decor, atmosphere, feeling of a house under the Victorian era – each floor from the cellar to the attic representing a different period in history. As you go up the stairs by candlelight, you move through the 18th to the early 20th century. The idea is that you have just interrupted a family of Huguenot silk weavers and you can feel their presence – a half eaten meal, a up-ended card game as they ran out.

It’s no museum, but rather a quirky, moving art installation designed primarily for his own amusement by Dennis Sever, and now shared with the greater world. (Sever’s partner now runs the place.)

Chose the candlelight sessions at night as they are more fun and book ahead. There is a nice pub across the road, The Water Poet, for a pre or post-visit drink.

18 Folgate Street
London E1 6BX
tel. 020 7247 4013

Every Monday evening by candlelight. between 6-9pm. £14 per person. Booking required.