How to drink like a Dane: our recommendations for the best bars in Copenhagen… Get started at Falernum, a cheerful and unpretentious wine bar where tapas style nibbles are on offer, the interior is pared back wood and candlelight, the atmosphere is relaxed and the staff are cheerful. During summer the doors open up so it’s a great spot for ‘people watching’ and casting would-be candidates to your street style fashion blog, if you have one.

If you’re into beer, then this is your cue to take a detour to Mikkeller & Friends which aims to bring the best of all things beer in a setting which is decidedly different to the usual pub decor, meanwhile they play the crazy professor in their own micro-brewery mixing stouts with unusual flavours – coffee, lychee, chilli…is there no end to their madness?

Ourselves Alone is a cute, new cocktail bar with butler service and private club atmosphere. It’s tiny so the feeling is extremely cosy and intimate, the only drawback is it’s sitting-only so if you arrive late, you may have difficulties scoring a table. There’s no drinks menu, the bar tender will simply steer you towards whatever it is you are in the mood for.

Hidden away in a former pharmacy in Vesterbrogade Lidkoeb is the newest venture by the folk behind Copenhagen’s acclaimed cocktail bar Ruby. If Ruby is the glamorous older sister, Lidkoeb is the bohemian-inclined wild child, with a more relaxed atmosphere, cheaper prices and lots of cosy details (fireplaces, rugs) to fend off the chill of a Danish evening.

Continuing with the cocktail theme, the heavy-weights in Copenhagen’s include Salon 39 where the cocktail menu is based almost entirely on American whiskeys (the ambitious should order an American-sized ‘Ten Foot Martini’) and the dining room is said to be excellent (bookings recommended).

Cocktail purists also rave about Cocktail bar 1105, where the bar is manned by the lab-coat wearing Hardeep Rehal, three-times winner of the Danish Championship in Cocktails, need we say more?

If you like your drinking with dancing, Karriere Bar, a sort of art space meets bar meets event space with DJs is a one-stop shop for Copenhagen nightlife. If it’s a little bit cold as a decor concept, the art happenings ensure the buzz. See what’s on and plan your itinerary accordingly.

By now eating a hot dog might seem like a good idea (even if it isn’t). Unfortunately the best hot dog joint in the city, John’s Hot Dog Deli, doesn’t upon until 11am, so there’s time to order another round, or two…

Værnedamsvej 16
1619 Copenhagen
+45 33 22 30 89