Despite the plethora of tour buses the Opera area – think the Louvre and Jardin des Tuileries – remains grand and quite magical. The backstreets around rue St Honore and Palais Royal are the perfect location to find a chic souvenir or gift for your host.

Kitsune: this Franco meets Japanese music and fashion label  (‘Kitsune’ means ‘Fox’ in Japanese) has upmarket tailored shirts and jackets in fashionable prints, plus more affordable t-shirt series and music complications by the label’s impressive list of artists and collaborators.

Astier de Villatte: the heinously expensive scented candles are difficult to resist, but it’s the pottery that’s interesting – limited edition designer plates and platters handmade in Paris by real, live potters! (Go craft!) (Address: 173 Rue Saint-Honoré,  75001, Paris. Tel: +33 1 42 60 74 13)

Colette: The collections may be out of the average shopper’s price range but we like the Comme des Garçons accessories, indie t-shirt brands (like Jack le Black who incorporates street style with Parisian references) and music compilations. (Address: 213 Rue Saint-Honoré, Paris,  75001. Tel: +33 1 55 35 33 90.)

Petit Bateau: If you’re in the market for stripey t-shirts a la Breton, look no further than Petite Bateau. Also stocks useful every day items like tank T-shirts and awfully cute kid’s stuff. (Address: 9 Rue du 29 Juillet, 75001 Paris Tel: ‎ +33 1 42 96 28 15.)

Galignani: This is one of the most beautiful bookstores in Paris – warning, you may be tempted into purchasing weighty coffee table books that will explode your baggage weight limit! It also has a diverse and thoughtful collection of world literature in English and a reasonable stock of travel guides. (Tip: A more extensive collection of English-language travel books are nearby at WH Smith at 248 Rue de Rivoli.) (Address: 224 Rue de Rivoli,  75001, Paris. Tel: +33 1 42 60 76 07.)

Ladurée: Let them eat macaroons! Ladurée have transformed the macaroon into a kind of pop phenomena. You can’t go wrong with these dainty sweet treats however delectably packaged chocolates and teas are also on offer. Go early or late to avoid the queues. (Ladurée, 18 Royale, 75008, Paris. Tel : +33 1 42 60 21 79.)


Palais Royal
52 rue de Richelieu
75001 Paris
Tel: +33 1 40 15 09 71

Opening Hours:
11h – 19h30
Mon – Sat
Note there are two stores side by side.