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Hipster Hotels Tel Aviv & Jerusalem

Tel Aviv Category: Think

We’ve been wanting to go to Tel Aviv for ages – the food! the parties! – but sadly never got around to it. So when L.A local and occasional travel writer Chloe Popescu offered us her findings on the city’s hip hotels, we were all ears …

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Our Picks: Venice Biennale 2013

Venice Category: Think

At autumn falls, the 55th Venice Biennale starts to wind down, but there’s still time for a flying visit and now is the moment to enjoy the art, without the crowds.  If time is short, we’d recommend the Giardini over the Arsenale, but do explore a few of the off-site pavilions …

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Tokyo: Exquisite Entertainment

Tokyo Category: Think

Clearly we’re not the only ones impressed by Tokyo band World Order’s fantastic new video ‘Welcome to Tokyo’ featuring immaculately clad ‘businessmen’ doing slo-mo routines. World Order was founded by Genki Sudo, a flamboyant martial arts and kickboxing champion who retired and subsequently founded (in the words of his website) …

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Tunisia: From Little Things

Tunis Category: Think

We were excited to see that El Seed, the French calligraffiti artist with Tunisian roots was back painting in Paris for the Tour 13 graffiti installation. When the small state of Tunisia quietly overturned their leader and inadvertently kick-started the Arab Spring there was optimism and excitement throughout the region …

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If a tree falls in a forest…

London Category: Think

…and there’s nobody around to hear it, does it make a sound? If an artist makes a work of graffiti, and the work doesn’t appear ‘on a street art blog’, does it exist? Spotted at Broadway Market in London and published for posterity…