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Kaguraya House: Kosy In Kyoto

Kyoto Category: Sleep

Kaguraya House is a lovely B&B in a century old house in the charming neighbourhood around Yoshidayama Hill. It is run by John, an American college professor and musician who has been living in Kyoto for 25 years and his Japanese wife, Acco, a fashion designer who has a passion …

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Hipster Digs in Detroit: best places to stay

Detroit Category: Sleep

If Detroit was getting a dollar every time somebody posted a spectacular photograph of its abandoned buildings on the internet, maybe they wouldn’t be filing for bankruptcy …

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Hotel Piazza Bellini: Art Hotel Naples

Naples Category: Sleep

The narrative of Naples is of bygone glories, modern-day corruption and opportunities lost. And that’s why it was exciting to see an optomistic project like Hotel Piazza Bellini: a new 50-room art hotel  in a historic building converted from private apartments. A few skerricks, such as scraps of floor tiles, …

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Cool Venice Apartment

Venice Category: Sleep

Searching for accommodation in Venice meant wading through websites offering a fearful combination of the fussy, the twee and the bland. Then, somehow, we stumbled across the self-described ‘Cool Venice Apartment’ on Facebook. Set in the chilled Cannaregio district of Venice (a five minute walk from Ca d’Oro), the apartment …

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Freehand Miami

Miami Category: Sleep

Freehand, a new venture in ’boutique hostels’ that recently opened in Miami, will be a hit with the short-on-cash but big-on-style boho crowd that inundate the city every year for Art Miami Basel. Situated in an 1930′s deco building a block from the beach the hostel is kitted-out with a …

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Having a Rhine Time: Basel’s Krafft Hotel

Basel Category: Sleep

It’s hard to overstate the sense of well-being you get from waking up at the Krafft hotel and watching the Rhine flow by from your pillow. A river may lack the sex and bang of the ocean – but the Rhine is as constant as it is changing. It ebbs …

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Get Religion: Stay @ Le Corbusier’s La Tourette

Lyon Category: Sleep

La Tourette, the monastery designed by Modernist architect Le Corbusier near Lyon in France, offers design fanatics a chance to experience his architectural theories in a spiritual context, without having to take radical vows of chastity and poverty. At La Tourette, guests are welcome to book themselves into a cell …

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