Bulgari Milano

Milan Hood: Botanic Gardens Genre: Bling Price: $$$$

When an Italian jewellery brand opens a hotel you’d be correct in thinking they won’t be messing around. The Bulgari experience starts in the lobby when you detect the scent of expensively burning candles and carries on into the lush garden restaurant where well-heeled beautiful people enjoy the view onto the city’s botanical gardens.

The Hotel

The hotel has the heavy luxurious feeling that comes with solid building materials: wood, granite, marble, impressive bathroom fittings and glam lighting. This is no hipster joint, it’s grown-up, formal and will perfectly accentuate your best-foot-forward wardrobe – we’re thinking black suede heels or polished patent, ivory silk, grey flannel, white linen, glistening pearls. In short: the whole elegant shebang.

In the category of  rooms for mere mortals, we recommend the Deluxe category rooms which are spacious, beautifully appointed, and simply furnished with floor-to-ceiling views onto the aforementioned greenery. The amount of closet space for luggage and what-not is impressive.

The Neighbourhood

The hotel is in the heart of an upmarket shopping district, yet hidden away from the main streets in a little private corner adjoining the ample gardens. Greenery is a rarity in Milan, so the outdoor communal areas and verdant views from hotel windows are a distinct plus.

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What We Love

The relaxing atmosphere that made you feel like you were at a day spa and the sumptuous emerald slip of a plunge pool.

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Our tip, if you can get one, book a corner room for the double window experience.

Note, this hotel is either the place to be for fashion week – or it’s the place to avoid. The sheer number of cashed-up divas launching themselves onto the premises, and descending on the staff each with life or death issues (missing dry cleaning, errant Wi-Fi connection etc) that must be resolved immediately, or better yet, yesterday, is nightmarish to imagine. (We would also avoid here during the Grand Prix event, for obvious reasons.) Outside of these times the hotel induces a chilled, floaty sort of feeling that you get after visiting a good spa, but it’s probably best enjoyed on somebody else’s credit card.

Finally, keep in mind that children under the age of 16 are not allowed to stay at the resort.

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Bulgari Hotel
via Privata F.lli Gabba, 7b 20121
Milan, Italy


Nuvole Bianche by Italian composer Ludovico Einaudi, who began his musical career studying at the Music Conservatory of Milan, played by Alexander Flemming.