Copenhagen’s bike path network offer a model demonstration of how urban life could be if we embraced bikes over cars…for the visitor bicycles offer a great way to combine sight-seeing with Copenhagen’s visionary urban design. Start the day by collecting a bike – from here the city is all your’s!

Baisikeli bikes encompasses bike rentals, a store and cafe where the profits help support socially-orientated cycling projects in Mozambique and for that reason alone we figure they are worth supporting.

If you have small kids – or can borrow some – we suggest hunting down the locally-made Christiania bike which remains an icon of the city’s cycling scene. You’ll find handy biking links on the official Visit Denmark site here.

If you want to get inspired about cycling Copenhagen style check out the city’s iconic bike blog: Cycle Chic. And if you want to fall in love and take your two-wheeled companion home, you might check out Velorbis for beautiful Danish-designed bikes fitted out with Brooks saddles and other not-so-mod-cons.

Baisikeli Bike Rental
Turesensgade 10
1368 Copenhagen, Denmark ‎
Tel: +45 26 700 229

Bike rentals open: Mon-Sun10am-4pm.