Art Bunker

One of Berlin’s most unusual galleries is located in a bunker – visits by appointment only. This video features an interview with the owners of the extraordinary Boros collection of contemporary art and gives lovely glimpses into their beautiful – if brutal – apartment.

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A beginners guide to one of the most important contemporary design movements drawn from Berlin’s Bauhaus Archive, written by Magdalena Droste, published by Taschen.

Berlin ist arm aber sexy (poor but sexy) - Berlin Mayor Klaus Wowereit.

Berlin Block Tetris

This little animation by Berlin-based  freelance animator & motion designer, Sergej Hein, explores the notion of cookie-cutter architecture. Visitors to Berlin should check out  the Stalinist housing blocks on Karl-Marx Allee for a slightly grander version of Soviet-style architecture.

Berliner Luft

Berliner Luft by Benjamin Tafel and Dennis Orel is a sort of Ostalgie photo essay revealing forgotten corners of the former capital of the GDR. Unexpected visions of contemporary Berlin include abandoned swimming pools, disintegrating theme parks, sex clubs and garish street fashion in Wedding. The book also includes a handy map for travellers and some visitor tips …

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Detective Noir

British writer Philip Kerr brings a hard-boiled approach to detective fiction to pre and post WWII Berlin with his trilogy Berlin Noir.

Holiday in the Sun: the Sex Pistols

A holiday in the sun, but where to? Under, or over the Berlin Wall? Sex Pistols hit recorded in 1976 and inspired by a visit to Berlin….

Max Raabe & Palast Orchester

Berliners Max Raabe & Palast Orchester perform 1920′s style cabaret numbers – the original pop music? Get a taste for their nostalgic style in this mini-doc.

Running through the city, looking for a party - Real Scenes Berlin

Metalheads: The Global Brotherhood

Berlin photographer, Jorg Bruggeman, spent three years documenting the world’s Metalheads, from Germany, Egypt, Malaysia and everything in between. You can buy the book here or check out his site for more of his projects.

Neukölln Unlimited: hip-hop Berlin

Trailer for a documentary about three Lebanese siblings – talented hip-hop dancers – seeking to make a life in Neukölln.

Real Scenes: Berlin

“Running through the city, looking for a party.” When the Wall came down, the electronic music scene converged on East Berlin where large tracts of abandoned buildings and lack of regulation gave rise to the greatest underground rave scene ever known. This documentary by Resident Advisor traces the development of the scene through the eyes of the people who were there …

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A brilliant & eerie investigation by Australian writer Anna Funder into the surreal & sinister world of the GDR where around one in six people was informing for the Stasi.